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What is the Swedish-American Business Directory?
The Swedish-American Business Directory is a database of members and associates of the SACC-USA network. This system gives you access the contacts and resources you need to explore the U.S. market. Here you can find the right partners, agents, legal services, business consultants, incubators, economic development services (and much more) that you need to enter and/or expand your business in the U.S. The Swedish-American Business Directory, searchable by business area and/or geographic region.

Who can search the Swedish-American Business Directory?
Anyone can search the database. Searching and using the database is free of charge!

Who can register to be seen in the Swedish-American Business Directory?
Anyone can join the Swedish-American Business Directory. Members of SACC-USA can join at a discounted price. Non-members are able to join at the regular price which includes membership in a local chamber.

Who should be seen in the Swedish-American Business Directory?
1.       Any company/organization that can help Swedish companies enter and/or expand on the U.S. market should be listed
2.      Any company/organization serving the local Swedish-American business communities in the U.S.
3.      Any company/organization that promote Swedish-American trade and commerce

How do I register my company for the Swedish-American Business Directory?
There is only one way to make your company accessible to the wide network that uses this Directory: Register your company today by becoming a Swedish-American Business Directory member. Simply click on this link to sign up.
Once you have registered and your payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation with log in from SACC-USA Administrator and you can easily access your member profile page and revise and update your information as needed. ·

What does it cost?
SACC Members: $200/year
Non SACC Members: $300/year (includes a one-year membership in a regional SACC chamber)

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The Swedish-American Business Directory

Welcome to the Swedish-American Business Directory. This easy-to-use system will give you access to over 1000 reliable contacts and resources that can be used to explore business opportunities on the US market. Use of the search facility in the directory is free of charge.

As the US market is both multifaceted and diversified it can be very complicated to find the best business connection on your own. The Swedish-American Business Directory therefore includes members and associates of the SACC-USA network that have an interest in, and previous experience from, helping Swedish companies succeed in the US. To join click Join the directory


SACC-USA is the umbrella organization for 19 regional Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce across the United States. We serve more than 2,300 members in Sweden and the U.S., which makes us the second largest European Chamber of Commerce in the United States. Our mission is to facilitate and support trade, commerce, and investment between the U.S. and Sweden. We help Swedish companies find the right partners in the USA – and vice versa. Visit SACC-USA.